*    All workshops are intermediate level (basic experience with PureData is required)

*    You should come equipped with a laptop running PureData. The workshops will be conducted in labs with a limited number of computers. 

*    There may be minimal material fees for some of the workshops that will be collected at the event.

*    To reserve a spot in workshops you must register. Please use online registration form.

INAPPROPRIATE DEVICES: Bringing Sensor Data into PD
INSTRUCTOR: Bobbi Kusinuk
Wednesday, August 22nd

This intensive electronics workshop will include forays into hands-on circuit building/bending related to PureData patching. Possible applications include installation, gaming and e-based performance work.

Participants will repurpose common input devices to bring sensor data into Pure Data. Topics for discussion and practice for the day include how to make sensors less conspicuous to a viewer and how to simplify programming tasks through the use and modification of standard input devices.

Participants are asked to bring a USB input device (mouse, computer keyboard, joystick, trackpad, tablet) that they are willing to modify.

$25.00 Material fee per person

INSTRUCTORS: Yves Degoyon and Lluis Gomez y Bigorda

Wednesday, August 22nd – Thursday, August 23rd

After the development of some streaming objects for pd (mp3cast~,pdp_theonice~ from PiDiP), it's been 3 years since Global Independent Streaming Support (G.I.S.S.) (a full infrastructure for streaming) has been established.  It enables more than 20 radios or televisions to emit pemanently. Latest experience is the Horitzo TV project in Barcelona, a proposal to democratize television and give voice toindividuals and communities.

This workshop covers all necessary knowledge to emit a stable and rich audio or video program, using pd and also covers the configuration of its own server and eventually the participation in a wider network.

INSTRUCTOR: Andrew Brouse et al
Thursday, August 23rd

This workshop will present some tools and techniques for using measured biological signals to drive sound and visual synthesis processes. Participants will be shown how to use a range of data acquisition hardware for biosignal capture and a number of open-source software tools which can be used for analysis of the biosignals and synthesis of audio and visual events.

We will touch on both the artistic as well as scientific and clinical applications of these tools. Strategies for sound synthesis and interaction using biological signals in these contexts will also be covered.

This will also be the first public presentation of the BioMusic toolkit, an open-source set of tools, built primarily around PureData and OpenInterface which are optimised for the purposes of biologically driven music, auditory and visual display.

Data acquisition, analysis, fusion and interpretation of various human biosignals will be demonstrated including: electroencephalogram (EEG), electromyogram (EMG), electro-oculogram (EOC) and electrocardiogram (ECG).

Participants will have a chance to connect themselves to the BioMusic system.

INSTRUCTORS: GOTO10 (Aymeric Mansoux, Chun Lee, Antonios Galanopoulos)
Thursday, August 23rd

pure:dyne has been created to provide a complete and ready made environment for artists and developers who are looking for a free operating system dedicated to realtime audio and video processing. pure:dyne is a GNU/Linux live distribution based on the new dyne: II core. You don't need to install anything, pure:dyne is running from the CD itself. It can directly boot from virtually any PC machine, or Intel Mac.

This particular live cd brings you the latest exotic FLOSS (Free/Libre/Open-Source Software - read more) such as Supercollider, Icecast, Csound, Packet Forth, Fluxus and much much more, including of course Pure Data and a great collection of essential externals and abstractions (PDP, PiDiP, Gem, GridFlow, RRadical, PixelTango...) which was the original motivation of the project.

INSTRUCTORS: Alexandre Quessy, Patrick Coulombe, Thomas Ouellet Fredericks
Friday, August 24th

The PureData Montreal Abstractions is a library of abstractions for beginners and advanced users. This library proposes an innovative, original, easy and effective way of working with PureData. The library offers very flexible interconnecting objects of high and low levels and smoothly integrates with Pure Data Extended.

The workshop covers installation, general concepts and features, as well as an intensive introduction to the specific abstractions.

INSTRUCTOR: Roman Haefeli
Friday, August 24th

NETPD is a project based on the software PureData. Its intention is to create an environment for electronic musicians and give them the opportunity to jam with each other in realtime, connected over the internet or a LAN.

The workshop will cover the basic netpd through a networked session where participants will learn how to implement netpd specific patches and how to build a simple example-synthesizer.

Friday, August 24th
INSTRUCTOR: Mike Wozniewski

AudioTWIST is a framework developed for managing 3-D sound in PureData. This will be one of the first opportunities to meet with the developers of this system after the initial release of the source code in the spring of 2007.

Workshop goes through installation of required dependencies, creation of simple virtual scenes that accomplish typical spatial audio tasks, camera management, development of a subjective view of the scene for a variety of screen setups, support for arbitrary speaker configurations and how to deploy the system on any hardware.

Workshop includes brief introduction of how to integrate sensors and microphones.

Note: Only Linux and Macintosh versions of the software will be available (Windows users are free to attend but technicalities of a Windows installation will not be covered).


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